Primary colors secondary colors using magnetic tiles

Aren’t we bored of using paints to demonstrate the primary colors and secondary colors? While I was playing with magnetic tiles, I noticed that the colors science experiment works. It is so fun looking through the two main color magnetic tiles and see the new color reflect through it. But Color wheel using recyclable materials is a good projects for artists too. Before I share the details, let us read the basics.


Primary colors Secondary colors


The primary: blue, red and yellow combine together to form the secondary: violet (purple), green and orange. Color wheels remind us how colors are related. They show the relationship between colors and how they mix together.


What are primary colors?

There are three primary colors that every artist should know. Primary colors are original. This means they cannot be made from other colors. All the other colors can be made by mixing together the primary colors. These are:

  • BLUE

  • RED



What are secondary colors?

The three primary colors when mixed together form the basic secondary colors. Each secondary shade is made from the closest two primary shades on the color wheel. These are:





How are secondary colors formed from primary colors?

Let’s see how each of the secondary color is created when the two primary colors are mixed together.





Magnetic tiles color prism science experiment


Magnetic tiles are plastic tiles with tiny magnet chips that make the tiles stick to each other. The magnetic tiles are reflective and they reflect the color on any surface when you bring them in the sunlight. So, while I was playing with these tiles I figured out that it also reflects mixed colors. So, I told my mom I can see secondary color when I put the two primary color tiles next to each other. I made color prisms using the magnetic tiles. This was my grade 1 reflection science experiment. I also demonstrated primary color secondary color science experiment. My teacher loved it!


4 Science experiments for young kids

This project is great for show and tell as well as science project for young kids. You will get the following ideas and presentation skills development from this experiment using magnetic tiles:

  1. Reflection of colors using magnetic tiles
  2. Color prisms science project using magnetic tiles
  3. Primary colors using magnetic tiles
  4. Primary colors form secondary colors using magnetic tiles



Here’s a picture of the experiment and you can check out the full video with presentation on our youtube channel. Till next time! Ali


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