Super simple lego giraffe building instructions for kids

This week my little brother was so excited for the arrival of a baby giraffe in Toronto Zoo that he drew and coloured a giraffe. Today, I am sharing super simple lego giraffe building instructions which is very easy for young kids. These simple instructions make lego giraffe a fun building project and allow for a lot of creativity.




You will find written lego giraffe building instructions with photo and images followed by a video tutorial to build one from scratch. Lego parts required for this project can be found at the bottom of the post.

Lego giraffe building instructions

We have divided this fun project into three parts.

  • Lego giraffe
  • The lego trees
  • The flowery lego plate ground


1) Making lego giraffe


1) Connect the 1×2 yellow and brown lego brick to form the legs of giraffe.

2) Use a 2xx lego brick and xxx lego plate to form the body of the giraffe as shown in the picture.

3) Now connect seven alternative yellow and brown 2×2 lego bricks to form the neck of giraffe

4) To form the face connect xxx lego plate and xxx lego plate in yellow.

5) The square studs in brown and circular red studs are used to form the eyes and horns of the giraffe.

6) Finally a brown tail is made with the two uneven shaped lego bricks as shown in the picture.


2) The lego trees


The lego trees are made using the tree stencil that comes in lego sets
Use colourful assorted studs in shades of green to completely cover the tree.
I used a variety of studs I found in various lego sets. The ideas are endless with what you can find in your stash.

Finally make the trunk of the trees.
Here I have made two different shaped tree trunks.

One by connecting lego bricks in brown

Second using lego circular bricks and a lego stem.

3) The lego ground with flowers


Finally it’s time to assembled the project together. Use flowery studs to cover the ground.
Attached trees and giraffe in place and the project is done!


Video tutorial: Lego giraffe building instructions


Lego parts for Lego giraffe

Lego giraffe parts:
The following parts are used in this project:

  • Five 1×2 lego bricks in yellow
  • Five 1×2 lego bricks in brown
  • One 4×8 lego plate in yellow
  • Two 2×8 lego bricks in yellow
  • Four 2×2 lego bricks in yellow
  • Three 2×2 lego bricks in brown
  • One reciprocal lego brick in yellow for tail
  • One 2×2 yellow lego plate
  • Two 1×2 yellow lego plates
  • Two square studs in brown, two circular studs in yellow and two circular studs in red


Lego parts for Lego trees:
The following parts are used in this project:

  • Two trapezoid brown lego bricks
  • Two 1×2 brown lego bricks
  • One 1×1 brown lego brick
  • One lego pole in brown
  • Two tree lego stencil
  • Twenty eight green studs to cover the tree stencil
  • Three 2×2 brown lego bricks
  • Four circle brown lego bricks


Lego parts for the ground:
Finalized the project on lego ground with trees and giraffe build with legos.

  • One 15×15 lego plate in green
  • Eleven lego studs in assorted colours




I hope you enjoyed this project. Let me know in the comments and share it on social media if you like it so we continue to build fun projects.

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