DIY Castle puzzles using tangrams for kids (teaching symmetry)

Hi friends, DIY castle puzzles using tangrams is so much fun. Making jigsaw puzzles using pre-printed images are good for memory and focus. But making your own puzzles is not only good for memory but builds up innovating habits at early age. Do you know building projects with tangrams is not only creative for younger kids but older ones can also learn to innovate by forming patterns with geometric blocks and tiles.

The shape blocks we are working with are very popular at montessori and preschool day cares at schools in Ontario, Canada. My brother started using pattern blocks when he was 3 years old. Since, then we love playing with them. Pattern blocks are like tangrams they come in shapes like triangles, squares, rectangles, diamonds (or rhombus or quadrilateral), trapezoids and hexagons. The colors make the final products look bright and happy.

DIY Castle Puzzles

Me and my brother made a small castle and started building up on it using the tangrams we have at home.



Teaching symmetry with DIY Castle puzzles

The DIY castle puzzles project is great for teaching symmetry to kids. The two sides of the fort are exactly aligned to make the pillars that form the castle structure and walls. There are two different castle projects and we have included the number of each shape required to complete each pattern below:


Free printable to guide castle building

The castle puzzles free printable is easy to print on a page and helps visually guide the construction as children play with shape blocks or tangrams. This printable is intended to guide kids as they make their projects rather than as tracers. Encourage them to follow their own creative path as they make these rather than following completely.



DIY castle puzzles parts and quantity


For the above castle puzzle tangram you will need:

  1. 33 purple squares
  2. 21 red hexagons
  3. 34 yellow trapezoids
  4. 29 orange triangles
  5. 18 blue rhombus
  6. 20 green diamonds


For the second castle puzzle tangram you will need:

  1. 29 purple squares
  2. 23 red hexagons
  3. 28 yellow trapezoids
  4. 32 orange triangles
  5. 22 blue rhombus
  6. 16 green diamonds


Video tutorial making castles to teach symmetry

Some things bring calmness and peace as well as learning like this video tutorial that helps you build DIY castle puzzles and shows the kids how symmetry is achieved in constructing this project.


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